On the Fence About Having Kids? Read the Best of MotherShould?!

If you are on the fence about motherhood or just curious about the paths that lead some woman towards and others away from motherhood, these articles and interviews are for you!

In her beautiful essay entitled “In the Waiting Room,” Tara Parmiter, explores how miscarriages, a ticking biological clock, and an intense longing for a child warps time.

This article by Catherine Savini, MotherShould co-editor, examines how the author overlooked the benefits of being white while pregnant by comparing her experiences with recent research on the treatment of pregnant women of color.

Check out this interview with graphic memoirist, Paula Knight, about the stigma and silence surrounding miscarriage and chronic illness. Knight offers advice for how to talk to people who don’t or can’t have children.

Don’t want kids? This essay by MotherShould co-editor Beverly Army Williams explores what it’s like to be childfree on Mother’s Day.

Looking for something light? Ada Kenney’s “Choosing My Choices and Stuff” puts a surprising and humorous spin on miscarraige.

Finally, in “Creativity 2.0,” Leah Gotcsik insists we can be creative, successful, and moms if we want to! 

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