MotherShould? accepts pitches for 800-1,200-word candid personal essays, Q&As and reported pieces about the choices women make to/or not to be a mother. We are also open to shorter pieces as well as long-form essays. We are seeking thoughtful, non-judgmental pieces exploring the decision to/not to have children, particularly-but not only- after you’ve reached the “high-risk” age of 35 and examining the inherent complexities. We are especially interested in essays that wrestle with specific problems and pose difficult questions and develop fresh insights.  Our audience is women at the crossroads who crave honest narratives to help make their own decisions, as well as women who want to melt the wall between child-free women and mothers.

We want you to share your story. We’re interested in pieces that explore the following:

  • Choice to adopt and the adoption process
  • Choice to foster and the experience of fostering
  • Choice to become a single parent
  • Child-free by choice
  • Choice taken away
  • Choice regretted
  • Women over 60 who chose to (over 35)/not to have kids reflecting on their decisions
  • Lesbian or queer women who are choosing to or not to
  • Transgender women who are choosing to or not to
  • Women whose racial/ethnic/religious/cultural background is in tension with their choice to or not to have children
  • Technological intervention
  • Couple conflict

We are not interested in platitudes, chronological narratives that lack insight and complexity, rhapsodies, or didactic posts. MotherShould? does not wag fingers in any direction.

Tell us (in a paragraph) what you’d like to write for the site. While we believe writers deserve to compensated for their work, we are staffed solely by volunteers and are unable to pay at this time. We will, however, provide strong, encouraging feedback on drafts, bringing our combined 33-years of teaching writing experience to help our writers produce their strongest possible work.

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